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A human approach to copywriting

A one-time journalist, I looked around and saw the business world awash with boring words. Words that did nothing to get people talking, much less get them buying. 

So I set out to battle the boring, venturing deep into never-before-explored areas of copywriting with one trusty weapon — the human perspective.  

Guided by the belief that remarkable content starts with deeply understanding its remarkable audience, my work has been able to reach across diverse industries, platforms and cultures. 

I've whittled away at developing websites, press material and international marketing campaigns. I've been the compelling voice of a top-tier CEO, the cheeky personality of a millennial beauty brand and the empathetic spirit of a therapist. I've shaped brands, grown businesses and built communities. 

And my work has only just begun. ​

Whether you're looking to stand out, build relationships, shock readers or simply get your brand in order, together, we can make it happen. 

Give me a shout.

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