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Revolutionizing beauty with a digital skin care brand 

GAIA has been a leader in developing digital healthcare and wellness products for over 10 years now. They’re known for their innovation and boundary-pushing ideas. So when they asked me to lead the creative direction and copywriting of a skin care coaching app, I jumped at the chance.


I started by crafting the app’s content strategy and tone of voice, identifying exactly who the app was for and what the audience needed to hear. From there, I partnered with world-class experts and researchers in dermatology to create the app’s core content, writing it to be understood by a non-scientific audience. Finally, I teamed-up with illustrators, voice actors and audio producers to build the app's visual and audible messaging. 


The app is set to launch in just a few months, and in preparation, I’m currently developing everything from webpages and social media posts to press kits and advertorials.


It’s all still early days, and I’m excited to discover what new seasons bring.

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