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The money is in the list

Let's face it. Email marketing has a pretty bad rap for bogging down inboxes and blasting readers with snooze-worthy content. 


But that's because most companies just aren't doing it right.

The inbox is a sacred space, and when treated with the respect it deserves, it can be a powerful tool for gaining new prospects, converting more prospects into paying customers and increasing the profit value of existing customers. 


I'll help you write click-worthy emails and successfully target a diverse range of inboxes. Plus, I'll arm you with an email marketing strategy that gets more people talking, reading and thinking about your brand.

My secret sauce... 

Seduce with a subject line

An email's subject line is 80% of the work. After all, a killer email is worthless if it never gets opened. 

Let me make sure your email has a rockin' sockin' subject line that grips your reader's attention, hooks them and holds them right where you want them.  

Make it personal

Marketing emails and newsletters can get boring, quick. And that's because most  sound like, well, just marketing.

I'll help you craft powerful,  provocative messages that reach into the minds of your customers and speak their language. 

Nothing sells more than raving fans who love your brand, and a regular newsletter or carefully designed email campaign is a great way to build customer loyalty. 

One of my primary goals is to help you build a core following of customers who love what you offer. Consistent, gripping emails fueled by fresh, customer-centric marketing is how I do it.

Breed loyal fans

Funnel profits

One of the biggest mistakes many email marketers make is not having a very clear strategy to convert emails into profits and business growth. 

My eyes stay glued to your bottom line, and every newsletter and email-marketing campaign is designed to make it rise. 


Give me a shout. 

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