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Fizzy Mag

Building a next-generation women's publication from the ground up 

My partnership with Fizzy Mag began when they opted to move away from print and become an online-only publication back in 2017. This digital shift set me off on a journey to help the magazine increase site traffic, build a strong social media following and win the hearts and minds of the online world. 

I don't shy away from a challenge. And Fizzy Mag certainly set me one — placing me in charge of revamping the publication's online editorial voice, content strategy and marketing plan. My first step was helping Fizzy Mag clearly define their audience, their values, their brand personality and their USPs. 


Once Fizzy Mag's digital brand identity was established, I spent the next six months working to cement a strong brand voice by conceptualizing, writing and publishing daily articles and social media posts. I also set myself up as an extension of the marketing team, creating press/advertising materials, planning events and integrating partnership development with local and international brands, influencers and retailers. 

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