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Video Scripts & Concept

A video is worth a million words 

A video can do it all. Whether an animated explainer, brand video or product demo, a strategic video script can amuse and alert, captivate and clarify, entertain and explain. And if it causes people to laugh with their bellies or smile with their hearts or think with their noggins, it can even go viral—drawing viewers like moths to a bonfire. 

On the other hand, you've only got a few seconds to hook your viewers' goldfish attention spans. After that, they've zoned out, put you on mute or moved on to the next video. You can't waste a single second on a script that's anything but clear, concise and down-right killer. 

I can't help you shoot or edit a video. Nor can I direct or animate. But what I can help you do is craft your concept and create a script so good that it converts like crazy. 

My secret sauce... 

Nail the concept

You've got your goals. Your audience insights. And your core message. Now it's time for the tricky part—the concept. 


Using my creative expertise, I'll develop your video concept from end to end. The story, the characters, the tempo. All inside a perfectly planned arc that leads viewers right into the mouth of your call to action. 

Seduce in seconds

The first 5 seconds of your video are make or break. During these first few frames, its crucial that you lay out a story that resonates with viewers and fixates their focus on the screen.  

This is only achievable with the best of storytellers. Let me be yours. 

Keep it clear & concise 

Your video has to be crystalline and absolutely no longer than necessary. People love short, snackable content they can easily consume while they're in line for their morning coffee. 

I'll help you say more with less. 

Charm their socks off

A video is a fantastic chance to express your brand's endearing personality and earn viewers' trust and affection. 


Let's make sure your video has a tone that makes your future customers want to tune in. 


Give me a shout.

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